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    Movement & Attacking

  • When attacking does an army have to be next to an opponent or can they move one space then attack?
    Since armies can move 2 tiles, they may attack an adjcent unit directly or choose to move one square first then attack an adjcent unit. Note that once an army makes an attack their movement phase is complete and they lose any remaining moves.
  • When moving can you jump over (leap-frog) an opponent?
    No. You cannot move over opponents, you must go around them or battle them to move them off of the tile they occupy.
  • Command Cards & Battle Plans Cards

  • After using a Command Card, do I pick another?
    No. Players collect 3 Command Cards at the beginning of the game and do not redraw additional Command Cards. Once a Command Card is used it is discarded from the game.
  • After using a Battle Plans card, do I pick another?
    No. Players collect 1 Battle Plans card when they form a Super Army and do not redraw additional Battle Plans cards. Once a Battle Plans card is used it is discarded from the game.
  • Are Command Cards discarded when a Super Army is formed?
    No. A player may keep their Command Cards once a Super Army is formed. Refer to the card itself for specific details on the effect.
  • Can I play Command Cards AND Battle Plans cards together on the same turn?
    Yes. A Player may use any number of Command Cards and/or their Battle Plans card on a single turn. Card effects take place sequentially - refer to the card itself for specific details on the effect.
  • Can defensive Command Cards such as "Battle Cry" or "Hardened Hide" be used in conjunction with the Battle Plans Card "Duel of Champions"?
    Yes. Command Cards and Battle Plans cards can be used in conjunction at any time as long as the card has an appropriate effect. For example, Duel of Champions ("Play this card during any battle. The attacker and defender each choose a single Troop to fight in the battle. All other Troops do not participate. Casualties are normal.") may be countered with Hardened Hide ("Play this card when entering a battle to temporarily give one of your armies 3 additional defense points"). In the event of interpretative wording on these cards we suggest having the table vote on the appropriate outcome.
  • If the Battle Plans Card "Duel of Champions" is played by a Super Army how many dice are rolled to attack?
    A Super Army would roll 2 dice to attack and defend, and a regular Army would roll 1.
  • Special Forces

  • Do the effects of the Pig Special Forces stack?
    No. The effects of Pig Special forces do not stack. For example, if both Colonel Chops ("Corn and carrot harvests are doubled for this army") and Private Hambone ("Corn harvest is doubled for this army") are in the same army under a single General that army is capable of harvesting 2 corn a turn, or 2 carrots a turn. Note that an appropriate Troop must be present to allow the harvesting of the resources. The Pig Special forces do not enable harvesting of resources - they only provide harvesting bonuses.
  • Super Army & the End Game

  • Can you win without forming a Super Army?
    It is nearly impossible to win without forming a Super Army. This is an intentional mechanic as it allows any player to trigger the end game at any time. Note that there are harvesting and strategic advantages in delaying the formation of a Super Army.
  • Can you form a Super Army with less than 3 Generals?
    All of a player's Generals that are currently on the board must be in their barn to form a Super Army. If one of the player's Generals is eliminated by another player's Super Army, the remaining Generals are still able to form the player's Super Army.
  • Is the end game a dice war?
    Yes, the end game is a dice war! Keep in mind that Super Armies can preform joint attacks. Diplomacy between armies can swing the end game dramatically!
  • When I form a Super Army and do the final marshalling can I have more than 15 Troops?
    No. A Super Army can have a maximum of 15 Troops.
  • What happens when 2 Super Armies are fighting and both roll a double 12 or a double 1?
    In both of these cases the win / loss rules are followed and BOTH Super Armies take 2 casualties.
  • Misc

  • What animals will be in the 6 player expansion?
    We are going to launch the player expansion on Kickstarter this fall and let the backers decide! Current faction contestants that will be up for vote: Emus, Rabbits, Minks, Ducks, Mice riding Dogs, Turkeys, Wolves, Buffalo. Make a suggestion!